Loans on cars

We can get many benefits to cars in our daily lives, whether as a means of personal transportation, school, vacation, use it to transport objects, among other things, today also to get money with the rent or sale of these, and in this case, also get a loan of money, without having to get involved with banks, pawnshops and car loans that charge sky-high interest and cause you to borrow with very high sums, or they ask you to meet a set of requirements that can make getting money slow and complex.

A different, modern company with 10 years of experience behind us, a company dedicated to this, we are professionals in car loans, that is, we make loans on your vehicle.

Lending up to 60% of the value of your car, with a limit capital of up to 250,000 pesos

car loan

One of the great benefits you will have when approaching, is that unlike a common pawnshop or anybody that offers a car loan, you will not have to leave your car as a guarantee of the payment of your loan. Although it is the object through which the money will be provided.

You will continue using your vehicle without any restrictions since what is left under our charge are the documents of this, such as the original invoice of the car, last 5 receipts of tenure payments or in case you do not have them, you could go to any vehicle control office to obtain the certificates of these payments and use them as substitutes. It will also be necessary to leave behind the original vehicle certificate and a duplicate of the keys. And finally for precautionary reasons.

The requirements that must be met by the car on which the loan will be made are three only and very simple to comply with:

  • The loan applicant must be the owner of the car.
  • The car does not have to be older than 10 years.
  • The insurance policy must be in force and with ample coverage during the period in which the loan is active.

If you refuse to ask for a loan because of the fact that you are negatively enlisted in the credit bureau, you do not have to worry about it, since those who make car loans in such a bureau. credit is not a requirement to obtain the loan through your car. Since in multiple occasions it is qualified negatively in such a list of exaggerated way or by not fulfilling demands of banks that usually get to be exorbitant, little clear or debts accrued without reason. In addition to that, the guarantee that is worth is the automobile.

Another strong reason why people stop to apply for loans, is because of the issue of endorsement

Another strong reason why people stop to apply for loans, is because of the issue of endorsement

It is difficult to have a person who is willing to lend his name to guarantee the fulfillment of a certain loan, credit or any other type of financing, since if the person holding the loan does not pay it off or any type of non-compliance with the contract agreed, the guarantor could be taken into account as a joint and several payer of the loan, which would be required to liquidate the debt and could also be negatively involved in the credit bureau. In addition, it is not easy to meet the requirements to be an endorsement of another person, and if they are complied with, the procedures become time-consuming and complex.

The team of car lenders is at your disposal at any time you require. Or if you prefer you have the willingness to approach the doors of your home for the loan, from the first appointment to learn about our car loan system, car evaluation, installation, the signature of the contract, and delivery of the check with the loan or a bank transfer if you prefer.

Also offers you two different payment systems so that our clients feel more comfortable when paying, the plans and rates may vary depending on the quantity and personal characteristics of each of our beneficiaries. One of the forms of payment that we have available is the system of fixed payments. As you probably know, it consists of a monthly payment and a fixed amount, where the term to be paid is previously agreed, this term can consist of 6 months and even up to 24. The other payment option is the traditional one, where the interest amount and at the end of the agreed term the full loan capital is paid. With this method, the maximum term is six months with the option to renew if you can not complete your loan.

In our system no commission is charged for opening the loan, nor for liquidating the debt before the ruling in the contract, since from the second month of the performance of the contract it is possible to liquidate the entire amount of money.

For company conditions, if there is a minimum loan amount that is 20,000 pesos

For company conditions, if there is a minimum loan amount that is 20,000 pesos