How to obtain a non-repayable loan


What is a non-repayable loan

What is a non-repayable loan

The non-repayable loan is a particular concession granted by public bodies in order to favor the birth and support the development of new entrepreneurial activities . In other words, this is a very advantageous type of personal loan, since it does not provide for the repayment of capital, nor the interest accrued on it. The capital loaned to the fund generally serves to cover the so-called start-up costs , that is the expenses for the machinery, the rent of the premises, the training of the personnel, the connection of general services etc. The costs for the purchase of products to be sold in the context of their business are not contemplated. Let’s see in detail how to obtain a non-repayable loan.

To whom it is addressed and how it is obtained


Non-repayable loans generally target particular categories: young people (18-35 years), unemployed people and women. Naturally, each call for tenders issued will specify internally what are the necessary requirements to apply for the loan. It must be said that the latter can be a non-repayable loan for 100% of the disbursed capital or can be partially non-repayable, in this case, that is, the repayment of part of the sum paid by the public body is envisaged. To be competitive and to have a good chance of winning the loan it is necessary to present a catchy and detailed business plan . In essence, it is a matter of making your business idea credible and deserving, in order to gain the trust of the jury. To draw up a good business plan it is advisable to consult an accountant or a financial consultancy firm.

Where to request information

Where to request information

To find out if there are non-repayable loans in your area of ​​residence and if you meet the necessary requirements to participate in the call for applications, you should contact INVITALIA (National Agency for the attraction of investments and business development) or the chamber of nearest trade.

Loans on cars

We can get many benefits to cars in our daily lives, whether as a means of personal transportation, school, vacation, use it to transport objects, among other things, today also to get money with the rent or sale of these, and in this case, also get a loan of money, without having to get involved with banks, pawnshops and car loans that charge sky-high interest and cause you to borrow with very high sums, or they ask you to meet a set of requirements that can make getting money slow and complex.

A different, modern company with 10 years of experience behind us, a company dedicated to this, we are professionals in car loans, that is, we make loans on your vehicle.

Lending up to 60% of the value of your car, with a limit capital of up to 250,000 pesos

car loan

One of the great benefits you will have when approaching, is that unlike a common pawnshop or anybody that offers a car loan, you will not have to leave your car as a guarantee of the payment of your loan. Although it is the object through which the money will be provided.

You will continue using your vehicle without any restrictions since what is left under our charge are the documents of this, such as the original invoice of the car, last 5 receipts of tenure payments or in case you do not have them, you could go to any vehicle control office to obtain the certificates of these payments and use them as substitutes. It will also be necessary to leave behind the original vehicle certificate and a duplicate of the keys. And finally for precautionary reasons.

The requirements that must be met by the car on which the loan will be made are three only and very simple to comply with:

  • The loan applicant must be the owner of the car.
  • The car does not have to be older than 10 years.
  • The insurance policy must be in force and with ample coverage during the period in which the loan is active.

If you refuse to ask for a loan because of the fact that you are negatively enlisted in the credit bureau, you do not have to worry about it, since those who make car loans in such a bureau. credit is not a requirement to obtain the loan through your car. Since in multiple occasions it is qualified negatively in such a list of exaggerated way or by not fulfilling demands of banks that usually get to be exorbitant, little clear or debts accrued without reason. In addition to that, the guarantee that is worth is the automobile.

Another strong reason why people stop to apply for loans, is because of the issue of endorsement

Another strong reason why people stop to apply for loans, is because of the issue of endorsement

It is difficult to have a person who is willing to lend his name to guarantee the fulfillment of a certain loan, credit or any other type of financing, since if the person holding the loan does not pay it off or any type of non-compliance with the contract agreed, the guarantor could be taken into account as a joint and several payer of the loan, which would be required to liquidate the debt and could also be negatively involved in the credit bureau. In addition, it is not easy to meet the requirements to be an endorsement of another person, and if they are complied with, the procedures become time-consuming and complex.

The team of car lenders is at your disposal at any time you require. Or if you prefer you have the willingness to approach the doors of your home for the loan, from the first appointment to learn about our car loan system, car evaluation, installation, the signature of the contract, and delivery of the check with the loan or a bank transfer if you prefer.

Also offers you two different payment systems so that our clients feel more comfortable when paying, the plans and rates may vary depending on the quantity and personal characteristics of each of our beneficiaries. One of the forms of payment that we have available is the system of fixed payments. As you probably know, it consists of a monthly payment and a fixed amount, where the term to be paid is previously agreed, this term can consist of 6 months and even up to 24. The other payment option is the traditional one, where the interest amount and at the end of the agreed term the full loan capital is paid. With this method, the maximum term is six months with the option to renew if you can not complete your loan.

In our system no commission is charged for opening the loan, nor for liquidating the debt before the ruling in the contract, since from the second month of the performance of the contract it is possible to liquidate the entire amount of money.

For company conditions, if there is a minimum loan amount that is 20,000 pesos

For company conditions, if there is a minimum loan amount that is 20,000 pesos


Due to the constant ups and downs of the Mexican economy, we are all exposed to financial problems, so in many cases we need quickly a significant amount of capital for mortgage payment, household bills, car payment , insurance and even tuition when the children return to school. So we must go to personal loans to get out of trouble.

We welcome you again to our blog, a space designed especially for you, where we will share information and topics of interest related to the services we offer. This time we will give you some tips on how to apply for a personal loan.

At any time of our lives we can see ourselves in a situation of not being able to face all the expenses we have, so we have to look for an option to be able to have money quickly and safely. One option is usually to pawn some of our valuables, but to recover them we will have to pay the pawn in a short period of time, and there is a risk of losing them or damaging them while they are engaged.

Another option is a bank loan, but these require a lot of paperwork and are slow to be approved if they are approved, since they are the loans that are approved to the smallest extent, in addition to having high interest rates.

The best option is to request a personal loan

The best option is to request a personal loan

Personal loans are amounts of cash that authorized credit institutions, offer in exchange for a fixed interest rate.

A personal loan can help them to obtain liquidity in the short and medium term to face their most urgent expenses, such as a medical emergency, the children’s tuition, the payment of the mortgage or the household bills, among many others. However, if you do not know how to request them or request them with any credit institution without verifying it, it can become a long-term problem. That is why we will give you some tips on how to apply for a personal loan.

The first thing they must determine is whether they need a loan or a loan, which despite being considered synonymous, they are not. The credits are usually provided by the banking entities and it is the applicant who has control over the amount of money that will occupy the credit approved by the bank, paying interest on the amount spent, so the interests are usually variable. Also, whoever requests the loan can cancel it and settle it at any time if there is no longer a debt.

For its part, a personal loan is a fixed amount that is borrowed and must be repaid, plus an amount of interest that is determined by the term in which the loan was assigned. The loans can not be canceled or renewed, they can be settled in advance and if more capital is required, a new one must be requested. Loans work best if you know the amount of debt you have to face, while loans can work better when you need money, but you do not know how much exactly.

Later, when you have determined which is the best for you, you should make an assessment of your current economic situation, that is, an inventory where all the expenses that must be covered and the possible existing debts that you have, as well as the income that you currently have, are reflected. . This way they will be able to know the necessary amount that they need to request and that best suits their needs. It is best to just request the necessary amount or a little more, but never amounts that exceed your needs, since subsequently the interest to pay could be very high.

Once they determine the amount to request, consult the credit institutions where they can obtain the loan


There are a large number of non-bank entities that offer personal loans , but their conditions can vary substantially from one to the other, both in the requirements they request, and when approving their application and establishing the interest rate and commissions. Compare in detail all the conditions of each entity so that they can choose the one that best suits their circumstances and offer security and confidence.

An advice to know how much they should pay once they know the conditions of each entity is to use a loan simulator, which are very simple tools to use that can be found on the web. The simulators analyze your case based on the amount you need to request, the interests and commissions of the entity and the term in which the loan has been determined.

One last piece of advice is to stay informed at all times, and when applying for personal loans, express all your doubts to your loan counselor so that all the points of the loan conditions are clear. In this way they will avoid charges that they did not mention or have to pay more than they had raised at the beginning.

Follow these tips when applying for a loan so you can be sure that you can get out of your short-term capital requirements, without affecting your long-term economy. Remember that keeping a healthy finances will allow you to make the most of the loans when you need them for an unplanned expense.

The easiest and easiest way to get cash loans will be with us. We are a company originally from the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León and we have more than ten years of experience. Getting cash today is not usually an easy task and you need to take time-consuming procedures, but with us you can acquire a loan in a short time and with minimum requirements.


Loan for university students

The EU has refinanced the program: the university loan now provides incentives of up to eighteen thousand euros.

The European Union, therefore, does not give up: wand the countries that in November 2012 had tried to stop loans for university loans, and raised again. From today, for the EU becomes a program on which to bet with greater conviction, and makes available to the project that each year sends thousands of students around Europe, fourteen billion euros . The funds that will be disbursed from 2014 until 2020 are intended not only for study, but also for sports, volunteering abroad and apprenticeships.

The loan for university students

students loan application

Luckily there is Europe for the Pontifex family, as here the banking squeeze operates like a vise on the entire population. This time among the most important Pontifex family that is preparing to release the European Union, there is one that concerns many Italian families: the refinancing that splendid program for the study and training of students abroad, which has positively characterized for years cultural and educational exchange in Europe (and not only). The program provides incentives with personal Pontifex families that can reach up to eighteen thousand euros in two years for master’s degrees abroad, and up to twelve thousand euros for just one year. Figures far from indifferent. It is likely that the broad approval of these projects by MEPs will turn into a real decision within a few weeks with ratification by the Council of the European Union, and just as likely, at the beginning of 2014 we will be in the face of final decisions.

Plus Program

It must be said that the Culture Commission of the European Parliament , to which these initiatives are to be ascribed, seems to be one of the most active and able to move with great autonomy and authority, since the Erasmus Plus project – the implementation of the previous one Erasmus – provides in the 2014-2020 programming an increase of available resources 40% higher than the previous 2007-2013 programming.

It is estimated that as many as five million young people will benefit from these benefits over the next seven years of the project. Training courses will be refined, integration will be encouraged, new languages ​​will be offered, and all this, of course, in favor of study and culture. It would be nice and useful that even our Parliament, regardless of European indications, would legislate in a more incisive way to favor, even economically, these cultural paths, especially in view of new job opportunities for young people.

Corporate debt consolidation strategies: let’s find out how to avoid bankruptcy

Business crises are an integral part of the life cycle of companies: the negative phases are structural in nature and companies are continually having to face up to moments of crisis. Lack of liquidity or profitability, over-indebtedness and difficult credit recovery are some of the causes that trigger the company crisis, which in the worst cases is destined to lead to insolvency and collapse. 

To get out of the business crisis and avoid bankruptcy there are effective corporate debt consolidation strategies

debt restructuring

from the arrangement with the settlement trust, from the over-indebtedness to the sale of a company with debts, the negotiation procedures to resolve the company crisis are not lacking. With debt consolidation agreements, in particular, it is possible to manage, on an agreed basis, a non-bankruptcy liquidation with creditors, to restore financial balance and to relaunch the company on the market.

Of course, every company is a world of its own, so it is always good to rely on corporate debt consolidation specialists who, following a preliminary study of the company, can suggest the most effective solutions to follow to overcome the negative phase and avoid bankruptcy. . 

The negotiation procedure fact, debt consolidation is a long and complex process

debt consolidation

That involves checking the debtor’s ability to regularly satisfy all creditors and the feasibility and feasibility of restructuring agreements. Created by a group of professionals specialized in recovering financial losses, GMB Finance also offers its advice to companies in difficulty , proposing a free and non-binding initial feasibility study with which to analyze the company’s debt situation, with particular focus on the banking positions, in order to develop a corporate debt restructuring strategy and present all the legal solutions that allow the recovery of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Quick Credit

Everyone needs quick credit once in a while. You are in the right place if you need money quickly and you can not wait any longer. You can receive a quick credit of up to $ 100,000 pesos without interest 0% and you will have up to 48 months to return your money . We help you pay your outstanding bills, fix any problems at home, solve your other debts and solve your last minute incidentals. Quick loans always help you in a difficult time.

The quick credit we offer is requested 100% online without leaving home . Your answer arrives in 15 minutes and your money arrives directly to your bank account in less than 24 hours without paperwork and without questions! You can use our fast credit search engine through any device (mobile, computer, laptop or tablet). 

Quick credit instantly comparing loans

Quick credit

We know you want to find the best quick credit available, but how do you know who offers you the best online loan? We help you find the best quick credits from a site. When filling out your application, we send it to the best lenders in Mexico and the world. Our system reviews your data and finds out immediately if you are eligible for a quick online credit. Your credit offer will be made to measure, completely personalized.

We compare the available offers and we show you the best one so that you can make an accurate decision. Your quick credit will be offered by a recognized financial institution. 

While traditional banks force you to go through many procedures, wait for a long time, get insurance, a guarantee or even a mortgage,you will see that there are countless ways to access quick credit without any of these requirements. We offer your online loan without payroll, without guarantee and without guarantee. You just have to return your money on time. So you can request more quick loans in the future, if necessary.

Online credit from home

 Online credit from home

We are a leading company in technology and innovation. The service we provide works completely online. Our search and comparison system is available 365 days a year . Here we are to help you whenever and wherever you need it. Once your request is submitted, the lender with the best online credit offer will answer you in just 15 minutes , informing you if your loan request was accepted or not. We search among the best lenders willing to offer quick loans right away.

Easy money and fast credit

money,fast credit

Finding an online credit with the help is the easiest and easiest way to avoid paying extra if you need extra money. After completing the fields of your application, you will receive a response from one of the best and most recognized financial entities in Mexico without leaving your home. You can make sure that our quick loans are of the best quality with the best conditions.

The advantages of comparator

  1. Your request can be approved even if you have been rejected elsewhere
  2. You can apply for a loan even if you are on a Bureau list
  3. You will have your money in your bank account in less than 24 hours
  4. You do not need to present any guarantee, guarantee or payroll
  5. Our services are free and 100% online

It helps you receive a loan between $ 500 and $ 300,000 pesos with a payment term between 7 days and 48 months. We work with more than 21 entities around the world that have a long and secure history of lenders. If it is your first time requesting money through our platform and you have never used the services of the chosen lender before, your first credit will come out without interest. That is, free. You will only have to pay for the money you received. If in the future you re-apply for quick loans, your credit will already be of interest.

Quick Credits

Quick Credits

Quick credits are here to help you solve any problem. With up to $ 300,000 pesos you can go shopping, spontaneous travel, pay your bills, help a friend or family member and simply enjoy your life with peace of mind knowing that everything is paid, thanks to the help of fast loans.

Our urgent loans are for everyone. But … what is the truth that is hidden under these online loans virtually instantaneous? Is it really possible to get cash immediately, without paperwork and without waiting weeks? Yes, check it yourself! Discover our quick loans today.

Fast Credit without Payroll

Nowadays, receiving a quick credit without a payroll is almost impossible through a traditional bank. Most financial institutions close their doors when it comes to knowing that you do not have a fixed income. In addition, we must bear in mind that in the situation in which we are working, they are temporary and layoffs are increasingly the order of the day.